UPDATE: My writing has evolved since I wrote the “About” you see below. I’m still very much committed to the murderless mystery series of novels, but for the last six months I’ve been immersed in writing an altogether different kind of novel. I don’t know quite how to categorize it. It’s not fantasy, nor a thriller. I suppose there’s a crime or two, but it’s not a mystery. It’s not supernatural and it’s not mainstream. It’s just the story that I have to write. We’ll see what comes of it, but it sure has me enthused right now.

You’ll also find fairly regular rants on this blog about much of the conventional wisdom in fiction writing. It won’t take long for you to see from my posts that I consider most writing books, magazines, websites, and seminars to be the fleecing of people who are both ambitious and gullible. (Trust me, I was that way once.) I strive to find alternatives that I think are serious, non-commercial discussions of this craft of ours and share them when I can.

I also write responses (not really reviews) of books I’m reading that have captured my fantasy in some way or another. Sometimes I read them like a writer, but most of the time I read them like a reader. Perhaps I’ll introduce you to one or two you will enjoy.

And, of course, I’m chronicling my efforts at writing and getting published. I’m glad you stopped by, and I hope you find something that will make you want to come back. Leave a comment or send an email if you’d like.


Hi! My name is Paul Lamb.

I thought I’d start this blog to document my efforts at getting my series of mystery novels published. Maybe doing so in a public forum will help me stay at it when the days of despair come.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress (or lack thereof) I am making and any successes I might have. I’m sure that over time the subject matter of this blog will evolve as my insights and publishing success accumulate, but I hope you’ll stay with me.

My mysteries are a bit different. They don’t involve murder. There is plenty of evil a man can do aside from merely murder. In fact, I think most crime is other than murder. In further fact, I think most of the bad things people do to each other isn’t even crime. My sleuths will investigate and resolve these kinds of wrong doing.

I’m trying to catalog such mysteries and the authors who write them. I think the Aunt Dimity novels by Nancy Atherton qualify. The #1 Ladies Detective Agency has broken new ground in this area. Arthur Conan Doyle said that most of his Sherlock Holmes tales didn’t involve murder and that many didn’t even involve crime. Agatha Christie’s character Parker Pynes generally solved personal issues for people rather than crimes.

I believe that there is a underserved market of readers who are tired of such unlikely rates of murder or the gritty police procedurals that currently own the industry. I think I can help serve those readers.

Oh, about the title. My protagonist is a clever, rational woman who solves mysteries by discernment. Yet she carries a rabbit’s foot key chain for good luck. Her husband notes that it wasn’t so lucky for the rabbit!

You can send me an email at paul (dot) lamble (at) yahoo (dot) com.

7 Comments on “About”

  1. Anita Marie Says:

    Enjoyed your blog and good luck on the writing.
    Anita Marie

  2. Sheila Lamb Says:

    Hi Paul –
    Just had say hello to another Lamb writer!

  3. Paul, I applaud your effort to approach mystery/crime writing from a fresh and different angle. I don’t read a great deal in the genre, but one great example I’ve come across of a different approach to crime writing is Jim Thompson’s The Kill-Off. It’s not a whodunnit, but a “who-will-do-it”: instead of killing off a character at the beginning and spending the rest of the book finding out the killer, he introduces the future victim and spends the rest of the book setting up her demise. The victim is a generally repugnant old woman whose schemes and slights over the decades have provided at least a dozen local citizens with a strong motive for doing her in, and as Thompson introduces and profiles each one, he draws the reader into a guessing game as to who the murderer will turn out to be. Very nicely done, and certainly not the usual Thompson psychopathic bloodbath.

  4. Hi Paul, How very interesting that you to want to write mysteries other than crime. These are the sorts of books I enjoy reading and want to write myself.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

    Best wishes,

  5. Ed Coonce Says:

    Paul, here in Encinitas, CA we have a definite shortage of sprightly naked naiads. I love your work. I guess Danse likes mine too, I’m featured this month and next. Take it easy.

  6. Shweta Says:

    Thanks much for visiting my blog and your kind comment on it. Wishing you the best for your novel:)

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