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“The Kick” finds a home

March 13, 2018

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned my story “The Kick” before. It’s running related (all of the running I do lately is in my fiction). Anyway, I just learned today that it’s been accepted for publication in Aethlon, in an upcoming edition.

Aethlon published my One-Match Fire story “Runaway” last year (I’m fond of that story), and it was the first and only place I sent “The Kick” for consideration. This is the second publication to accept a second story of mine. Mirror Dance did this as well many years ago.

“The Kick” is not related to any of my other stories or characters. It’s a one-off. And though it has a first-person narrator, he/she speaks of “you” who is the subject of the story, so it verges on being a second-person narration.

Aethlon is a print publication only, so unless you subscribe, I won’t be able to share the story with you anytime soon.

Anyway, happy news.


off kilter

March 5, 2018

I traveled to and from St. Louis over the weekend to help my son and his wife move into their new apartment. (Larger apartment in the same complex. The moving effort took less time than the drive there.)

I didn’t get any writing done, though eight hours of driving in two days does give me plenty of time for reflection and plot planning. So when I got home yesterday, I was busy making notes on my ideas lest they evaporate from my mind. I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but they generally come back to me.

Anyway, here’s a photo from across the street of the hotel where I stayed:

According to Webster, the word “kilter” is of unknown origin.

“Old School” is in session

February 28, 2018

I received two emails recently. (Seriously, I so rarely get emails any more that getting two at once is notable.)

One was a rejection for the submission I’d made of my One-Match Fire story “Twice Blest.” That poor story has a long history, including being accepted last year by a publication that promptly went out of business before it could print my piece. It’s since seen many rejections, but I think it’s a good story that just needs to find the right home. So I’ll persevere.

The other email was an acceptance for my story “Old School” that I had sent away months and months ago and had more or less consigned to the I’ll-never-even-get-a rejection bin. When I looked at the submission in Duotrope’s Digest, it said the likely response date was more than a month overdue. So the approval — even the response — was a happy surprise.

“Old School” is a one off; it’s not part of any of the other story universes I’m working on. It’s also a comic piece, not one of the fraught, literary stories that have been bedeviling me or part of the cozy mystery universe I’ve dipped a toe in. I’ve written about “Old School” on this humble blog once or twice; it’s based on an actual conversation I had with someone.

The editor was kind in his acceptance email, saying generous things about the story and his eagerness to use it. If all goes according to plan, it will appear in Bull & Cross online near the end of March. And since it’s online, I’ll be able to post a link to it so you can read the story if you care to.

Also, I’m required to provide a head shot. I’ll have to find something that is at least a little bit not-unflattering.

(And not that I’m counting or anything, but this marks the 28th story of mine that’s been published.)