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Friday Feature ~ “Not Close”

June 18, 2021

This story of mine is quite different from just about everything else I write. First of all, it’s short: only 930 words. Plus is deadly serious. And it’s structured oddly. I have alternating snippets going on inside my protagonist’s mind and then with her interacting with her boss. She’s trying to ask for some days off during a busy time but doesn’t want to give the reason why. The story ends with the words “not close.”

I’m not really sure where this story idea came from. It’s an anomaly in my works. I don’t remember setting out to tell this story or making notes about it. I guess it will always be a little puzzling to me.

But it was published in The Adroit Journal in the fall of 2011. This was in the early days of The Adroit Journal, and it was online only then. And now that issue isn’t even archived. It’s gone altogether. Shame.

“Not Close”

December 23, 2011

My story “Not Close” is now up at The Adroit Journal. Alas, it’s a bit of a process to get to the story. You have to go to the Current Issue link, copy and paste a URL into your browser, then download the PDF of the issue. And then you have to find my story among the 84 pages. (Hint: It begins on page 44.) If I can get my crack technical team to show me how to make a better, more direct link, I will. After a sufficient time I will post the story in the sidebar.

The download is free, but the Journal suggests a donation to Free the Children. Supporting this worthy charity is the mission of the publication. You might consider making a donation.

This is my first, and only, piece of flash fiction. I wrote it more than two years ago and shopped it around with lackluster results until The Adroit Journal picked it up. I’ve been skeptical of flash as a form of fiction. I’m not sure what is gained by deleting and compressing a story so. As I’ve said here several times, half the tale is in the telling, and it seems as though flash fiction eliminates the telling.

But in retrospect, as I read the story again from the distance of time, I can see how a lot of the story is implied when it is told this way. I think it can create intrigue for the reader, which can make the story richer.

“Not close”

April 7, 2011

I received a surprising email this morning from the editor of The Adroit Journal saying that he had accepted a short story of mine for their next issue. The reason the email was surprising is because I had only submitted the story a few hours before.

My story, “Not Close,” will come out in the Fall 2011 issue. The Adroit Journal is a print magazine, and it looks like a nice publication. A plus is that all profits from the operation are donated to Feed the Children, an international aid organization. (I didn’t know literary journals were ever profitable, but if this one is, then I’m doubly happy to be associated with it.)

My story is only 930 words; it’s categorized as flash fiction. I’ve had some reservations about flash. Sure, a complete story can be told in under a thousand words, but why? I’ve always said that half of the story is in the telling, and if you pare a story down to its absolute essentials, haven’t you given up some of the richness of the storytelling? Or “embroidery,” as Twain calls it.

Well, I’ve written a flash story that will be published. So I guess I’m guilty of flashing.