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“Magic for Beantown” finds a home

May 22, 2019

This must be the good news week of the pendulum’s swing. I just learned that my story “Magic for Beantown” has been accepted by Aethlon and will appear in their next issue.

This is the story I’ve mentioned that may or may not have a leprechaun in it, and it’s the one that the editor had sent back to me twice for rewrites. (Another editor I know told me that the second request was a sign that he really wanted to use the story if he could get it in the shape he wanted.)

I have to format the story to the publication’s standards, which won’t be a problem, then send it back one last time.

I don’t know when the issue will come out, and it will be print only when it does. This is my third appearance in Aethlon, which kind of gives me warm fuzzies.

“The Kick”

September 20, 2018

My story “The Kick” appears in the latest edition of Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature. Once again, I’m in the latter half of the volume, but I don’t mind. It’s a good-looking publication. (This is the second story I’ve had published by Aethlon!)

“The Kick” is the closest I’ve come to writing a 2nd-person narrator story. I don’t think it’s quite that, but the voice seems compelling (to me). This story is not part of the One-Match Fire universe, but it does involve running.

Yes, the edition date is a bit old, but it is the most current edition. I suppose they’re a little behind in issues and they’re keeping the dating consistent.

“The Kick” finds a home

March 13, 2018

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned my story “The Kick” before. It’s running related (all of the running I do lately is in my fiction). Anyway, I just learned today that it’s been accepted for publication in Aethlon, in an upcoming edition.

Aethlon published my One-Match Fire story “Runaway” last year (I’m fond of that story), and it was the first and only place I sent “The Kick” for consideration. This is the second publication to accept a second story of mine. Mirror Dance did this as well many years ago.*

“The Kick” is not related to any of my other stories or characters. It’s a one-off. And though it has a first-person narrator, he/she speaks of “you” who is the subject of the story, so it verges on being a second-person narration.

Aethlon is a print publication only, so unless you subscribe, I won’t be able to share the story with you anytime soon.

Anyway, happy news.

*Update 24MAY19: Aethlon has since accepted a third story of mine: “Magic for Beantown.”

“Runaway” appears

March 6, 2017


My One-Match Fire story “Runaway” has finally appeared in the physical world. I received my copy of Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature over the weekend, and “Runaway” was in it (way back on page 209 of 228). I had first written about this back in November in this post. And I’ve been waiting more or less patiently for the print copy ever since.

This is volume 32.1 of the publication, but it’s dated Fall 2014 / Winter 2015. I’m not complaining, but that seems a little odd. (I suspect they need to show continuous publication, and that period was the next to be filled.)

“Runaway” debuts!

November 21, 2016

My One-Match Fire story “Runaway” appeared over the weekend in Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature. And that’s a bit of eager overstatement. The editor wrote to say that the print edition has gone to the publisher, but she sent me a downloadable PDF, and I consider that good enuf to call it published.

I was never able to lay my hands on an earlier copy of this magazine, and I couldn’t find one online, so I didn’t (don’t) know what to expect. The downloaded edition¬†has 227 pages, so it is clearly a document of some heft. (My story appears on page 209.) I was able to find a registry of past contributors to the magazine, and there are some names with heft among them too. I can’t say when I’ll get my two contributor copies, but I already have space cleared on my shelf for them.

This is the fifth One-Match Fire story to see publication.


May 25, 2016

I was just lacing up to go for a run (82 degrees, 55% humidity) when my phone chirped and told me I had an email. It was an acceptance letter for my story “Runaway.” The publication is called Aethlon, a print journal that is interested in the intersection of literature and sports. “Runaway”¬†is one of my Fathers and Sons stories, and I’m particularly proud of it because it was my first attempt to bring running into a story. I’d shopped it around a few places, but I had about given up on it in part because I was beginning to think the stories ought to just stay focused on being a collection rather than individual pieces here and there. I had submitted it to this magazine in February, prior to my thoughts on no longer submitting them.

So I have to do a little formatting to the document but no rewriting. I’ll get that done quickly and send it back to the editor. Then I’ll find something else to pay attention to because it looks as though the edition my story will appear in won’t be out until the end of the year.

I’m sure I’ll babble about this more as things develop.

Update: I made the few formatting edits that were required, and, of course, I tinkered with the story a bit, then I sent it back to the editor at the address he gave me. It was an invalid address. So I scrounged and found the correct address then re-sent it. Then I sent another email to the editor asking if he could confirm that he received it. Then I worried about it all day. Creative writing can be such a perilous endeavor!