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February 24, 2012

Now don’t get excited. I’m not letting myself get excited.

You’ll recall that I submitted my novel, The Sleep of Reason, to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest last month. Entries were limited to the first five thousand who sent them in, and I thought that those odds were at least as good as submitting to nearly random agents, but to tell the truth, I didn’t hold out much hope for my submission.

I thought the first cut was in the middle of March, so I didn’t give the submission any more thought. But it turns out that the first cut was yesterday. Four thousand of the five thousand submissions were declined.

The Sleep of Reason is one of the one thousand that survived the first cut!

Granted, most of those four thousand were probably first novels by first-time writers who had no business entering but didn’t know any better. I’m sure mine is in the category of not-bad-enough-to-cut-right-away. In any case, I can say that my novel was a semi-finalist in this big contest.

So a thousand thanks and a garland of Martian fire flowers to Annam Manthiram for encouraging me to make my submission in the first place.