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the drill

June 4, 2020

Yeah, I’m still around.

I can tell you that I finished the first draft of Omphalos last weekend. It is definitely first-draft material, but ideas for it have been pouring into my head to refine it. Pretty soon I’ll have something to send to a couple of readers whose thoughts I trust and respect.

The photo above is of the side of my cabin. The carpenter bees have discovered it and are drilling holes in the wood to lay their eggs. I don’t have too much trouble with this since the holes are small and there aren’t too many of them. But they are constantly buzzing about the cabin, either to find a new place to drill a hole or to guard the holes with eggs in them.

I had thought that the pressure washing and fresh stain on the cabin last fall might deter the bees, but not so. I’m probably going to set out a bee nest to see if they’ll use that instead.