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feeling my way

February 26, 2018

I continue to make progress on the Finnegans Fogbound novel. I’m doing about one chapter a week, which means I’m working on Chapter Four right now. I consider this reasonable progress for a first draft

Each chapter is currently weighing in at around 2,300 words, which I fully expect to grow as I find needs to do set up for later developments, introduce characters earlier, flesh out existing characters more, or whatever the rewriting will require. I figure that chapter size is manageable for a reader of a “lightweight” novel.

Still, I worry about setting up the tension early enuf to hook the reader. So far I’ve made a few references to a not-yet-seen character who is a martinet and who will be the primary source of tension once the forces are all in play. (She has a huge humbling coming!)

I recently read Kate Vaiden, by Reynolds Price. It was a quiet, contemplative read, though I raced through the 300+ pages in less than a week. But the opening paragraph sets up the tension of the story. It states more or less exactly why things are wrong and what is going to be attempted to fix them. The next 300 pages then do that. Anyway, my point is that the reader of that novel is hooked from the start (or turned away, though that seems less likely for anyone willingly picking up a Price novel).

Of course, Finnegans Fogbound will be a cozy mystery, so likely readers will know there is something afoot and will be in the hunt to find out what it is. I think there will be less pressure to set up an obvious tension because of this. Still, genre novels have certain conventions, and you don’t generally want to break into a genre with something that bends those conventions.

But I’ve been accused of overthinking before.