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and then this happened ~ Floyd County Moonshine

June 10, 2022

Way back in April, I mentioned that one of my stories, “The Retreat of the City Folk,” had been accepted by Floyd County Moonshine, an Appalachian journal that called for “local color” stories. I submitted my story and received an acceptance the very next day, which was nice.

At the time, the editor said my story would appear in the September issue, but last week he wrote to me saying they could fit my story into the June issue, which you see above. My contributor copy arrived in the mail yesterday.*

As I said in that earlier post, this bit of fiction is based on an actual incident my wife and I faced at some rural property we owned prior to Roundrock. I compressed the timeline and adjusted the parties involved, but the issue it speaks about — timber trespass — is a serious problem in rural forests. We fared better than the characters in my story, but not much better.

So far, June has been a busy month for my creative life. I’m hoping to keep the momentum.


*My story begins on page 82 of the journal. I don’t think I’ve ever had a story appear in the first half of any print journal yet, so that’s still my ambition.

a twofer day

April 15, 2022

One day in February, I had received four rejections for submissions I had made. All at once like that was brutal, but that’s the nature of the biz.

I can balance that with the two emails I received today telling me that two of my stories were accepted! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten two acceptances in a single day, but I’ll take them.

One story is called “Motet,” and it’s the internal monologue of a man as he is raking the leaves in his front yard, reflecting on the neighbors whose leaves have blown into his yard. It’s in the spirit of community and diversity and harmonious blending, and I wrote it last fall when I was . . . doing a lot of leaf raking. I guess it would be called flash fiction since it’s only 860 words long, but I wrote the story I had, and I don’t think adding anything would have improved it. The publication that accepted it (“we are thrilled to accept your piece”) is called The MockingOwl Roost, an ezine that’s been around for a couple of years. I had responded to a call for stories on the theme of “Introspection.” Only 12 days passed between submission and acceptance, which is pretty good in my experience. It looks like “Motet” will appear in the journal in the middle of July.

The other story is one I wrote recently titled “The Retreat of the City Folk.” It’s about two city folk who buy some rural forest land and then have a conflict with a neighbor that costs them time and trouble and money. It’s based on a case of timber trespass that actually happened to me and my wife on some property we had before we acquired Roundrock. The point of my short story was that the two characters were almost literally “babes in the woods” and were outsmarted at every turn. In fact, they don’t get a word of dialog in the story, which is intended to show how passive they are. My story will appear in an upcoming issue of Floyd County Moonshine, a print journal that’s been around for 14 years. It’s based in Appalachia, but it is interested in “local color” stories from all over, including, it seems, the Missouri Ozarks. I had submitted the story only yesterday, and it was accepted today. (That’s the second fastest acceptance I have ever received.) I’m not sure when my story will appear, but the journal is published twice a year.

These acceptances are great news, but they also mean I have to withdraw a number of other submissions I’ve made for the two stories, but that’s the nature of the biz.