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“Twilight of the Alpha Males” is up at Foliate Oak

May 1, 2019

My first bit of flash fiction, “Twilight of the Alpha Males,” is now up at Foliate Oak. It’s a nice publication*, and I’m pleased to be a part of this issue. The story speaks for itself, I think, and it was fun to write, once I came to understand it was whole at only 460 words.

I was “required” to provide a photo of myself, and what you see beside the story may or may not be recently taken and I may or may not still wear a beard and glasses. I also may or may not have less hair. And that may or may not be the best I can do for a smile.


*Poets and Writers lists its circulation between 5,000 and 10,000, though how can you tell with a website that is free, and how can you estimate and then double your estimate and suggest you’re close?

Do you visit/use Poets and Writers? They had a forum that I used to visit and participate in, but like many forums, it was dominated by one or two contributors who seemed to sit in judgment and speak the “final word” on whatever topic was raised. The forum’s gone now.

“Twilight of the Alpha Males” has found a home

March 13, 2019

I mentioned here once or twice about a story I wrote that was only 460+ words long yet seemed whole and complete. I dithered with it, thinking maybe there was more story to tell, but when no more story presented itself I figured it was finished. My first piece of flash fiction. I was originally going to call it “Rolling Coal” but then settled on “Twilight of the Alpha Males.” It’s a fun story, with maybe a jibe at some current political situation. (Or maybe not.)

So I began sending it out to see if there was any interest. And it turns out there was. The very first place I submitted it to, accepted it. “Twilight of the Alpha Males” will appear in the May 2019 issue of Foliate Oak Literary Magazine.

I had sent it to two other places, the second only two days ago, and now I must withdraw those submissions.

When the story comes up, I’ll post a link here.