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Blue Monday

January 17, 2022

Today is the third Monday in January, called Blue Monday by some. It’s supposedly the day of the year when people are most depressed. The holidays are past. The bills from the holidays aren’t. The weather (in the northern hemisphere) is generally bleak and cold. And it’s a Monday. That’s the argument.

But it’s a hoax. The term “Blue Monday” began as a promotional stunt by a Scottish travel agency to induce people to buy more travel packages.

The trouble is, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. For many, having a day declared as the most depressing of the year can seem like permission to feel down. I’ve read that one of the reasons some people will accept conspiracy theories so readily is because it gives them an outside factor to blame for their problems in life. Mysterious, malicious forces are at work to keep them down. So it can be, I think, with something like Blue Monday. I can indulge in my feelings of defeat or depression because someone told me this was the day for it.

I do wonder what date Blue Monday is scheduled for in the southern hemisphere. And I understand that the Happiest Day of the year is supposed to fall around Midsummer (in the fourth week of June) in the northern hemisphere. So get your party hats ready, I guess.