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“Night Train to Kisumu”

March 21, 2009

Allow me to crow a little bit. My short story “Night Train to Kisumu” is up over at Wanderings Magazine. You can go straight to the story here.

I mentioned in an earlier post that this was based on an actual train trip I took in Kenya several years ago. The characters are changed a little bit, but the facts of the narrative are pretty close to my experience.

I’ve always liked this story, liked it enough to keep shopping it around while most of my other short stories just languish. I probably shouldn’t do that, but there are very few that I think are actually ready to go. And then comes the problem of finding a magazine that’s likely to be interested.

I’ve had some luck using Duotrope’s Digest. I’ve placed a couple of stories through here, and it looks as though they get fresh markets regularly.

Happy News

March 10, 2009

I received an email from the editor of Wanderings Magazine thanking me for the submission of my short story “Night Train to Kisumu.” He said he would like to publish my story in his magazine, and after reading the terms he included, I agreed.

You may remember that I posted about making this submission here. As I said in that post, I made the submission almost spontaneously, thinking I ought to have something in circulation, but also thinking I wouldn’t give it another thought once it was on its way.

Then I began checking my email several times a day to see if I’d received a response. The submission page noted that it was unrealistic to expect a response before thirty days had passed, and here it is, one month and one day later and I have a response. A positive response.

The story is what I consider some of my “literary” fiction. The last two stories I’ve had published are probably best defined as “fantasy” though one of them is really social commentary and the other is a sweet love story.

Moments like these are the payoff for all of the early hours at the keyboard, trying to squeeze from my uncooperative brain some semblance of fiction.

Update on March 18, 2009: I received the proof copy of my story today by email and read through it carefully. The editor made no changes to it, but I did suggest one word change (the word “safe” appeared twice in about five words) and I corrected a glaring spelling error: “and” should have been “a.” I understand the story will appear in the magazine soon now.

The Train is underway

February 9, 2009

I think I’ve mentioned here before that I have a short story called “Night Train to Kisumu” that have shopped around without success. I’m not sure just how much shopping around I did though. When I looked at the log I keep of these things, I had only sent it to two publications in the last two years. (I may have sent it to more and the log may not reflect this because it is the restored log from after my hard drive crash last summer. Grrr.)

Regardless, in one of those fits of industriousness that sometimes afflicts me, I looked up a likely magazine for it and made a submission of the story this morning. It is a serious magazine, though the content is eclectic. It was hard to judge their interests based on the stories they had published (online, of course) since they are of such a variety.

I like this story, and I’m a little embarrassed that I haven’t put more effort into getting it published. I think it is a good tale, based on an incident on a train I was riding in Kenya some years ago. Response time is supposed to be in thirty days. As you might guess, I’ll let you know if anything comes of this fit of mine.