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I could come to like Mondays

May 18, 2010

My loathing for Mondays is ingrained and longstanding. It begins on Sunday afternoons and looms through all of Monday. Its source is mundane and likely obvious: on Mondays I must return to working for the man, not having contrived a way during the weekend to achieve financial independence.

Yet if the pattern of the last two Mondays keeps up, I may grow to like them.

Last Monday a literary agent asked for the full novel of The Sleep of Reason. And yesterday, a different agent asked for a partial: the first three chapters. What will next Monday bring?

Coincidentally, both agents responded the very next day after I had sent in a query on Sunday. Two instances do not a pattern make, but I’ll take whatever encouragement I can from it.

Of course it’s much too early to get hopeful. Still . . .