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Rebecca finds a home

October 15, 2009

I just learned this evening that another short story of mine, “Rebecca finds her way,” has been accepted for publication. It will appear in the Winter 2009 issue of Mirror Dance, which is the same publication that accepted my story “The Manuscript.”

“Rebecca finds her way” is a piece of flash fiction, coming in at 735 words (thereabouts). It is one of my Google Documents experiments. I wrote and revised the story completely in Google Documents, only copying it to Word in order to format it for submission. I make a brief mention of it at the end of this post.

Mirror Dance publishes all ranges of fantasy fiction, and my story falls into the feminist fantasy flash fiction category. It’s a recognizable character in our universe, having a dispute with a piece of technology that will lead her astray if she follows it.

So I’ll be sure to post a link to the story when it comes online. Thanks for being patient with me as I crow.

“The Manuscript” is now online at Mirror Dance

June 2, 2009

My short story “The Manuscript” is now online at Mirror Dance. You can read it here if you care to. And if you are so moved, you can leave a comment at the end. I hope you like it.

“The Manuscript”

May 22, 2009

I popped open my email inbox yesterday and got some dandy news. A short story I had submitted has been accepted by an online magazine. In fact, the response came a mere nine days after I had sent my submission email, and in it the editor said that she thought I had a “wonderfully original idea” and that it was “very well executed.”

The magazine is Mirror Dance, and it was calling for submissions for its Summer 2009 edition with the theme of Villains and Anti-Heroes. It’s a fantasy publication, which is not something I write much of, but I did have a story with what could be defined as an anti-hero in it, so I sent it off.

I guess you could say that mine is an epistolary story. It involves the discovery of a manuscript (hence the title) tucked into a book and what it reveals. I’ve framed it with an introduction and conclusion by a first-person narrator who may not be too clever but who provides an effective contrast to the main character whose story is told in the manuscript.

I’m not sure when the summer edition will come out, but I’ll be sure to make a post about it here.