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“2AG” has found a home

May 11, 2023

I don’t seem to have been posting much here because there doesn’t seem to be much writerly stuff going on in my life (except the marathon of writing I’m doing on a sequel to One-Match Fire, which, like a real marathon, is not very glamorous until you cross the finish line).

But this morning I do have some writing news. My humorous short story “2AG” has been accepted by OpenDoor Magazine for publication this summer. I had submitted for their Envy theme, which my story does seem to fit pretty well. (According to Duotrope, where I record my submissions, “2AG” had been in consideration there for 292 days, which is long though not unheard of. The publication had sent an email last fall saying it was changing its frequency — going from a monthly to a quarterly — so I was fine with letting my story remain under consideration for however long it took.)

“2AG” is an acronym (can you call it an acronym if one of the characters is numeric?) for “Second in Age Group,” which is an award category for running races. (Believe it or not, I have won a 2AG twice in my running career!) I had talked my wife into doing a 5K with me long ago, and she had a miserable time. But then one of us won a 2AG for the event. You’ll have to read the story when it comes out to learn who that was.

Curiously, OpenDoor Magazine published my story “A System Reboot” last summer. That was also a fictionalized account of a very interesting day my wife experienced.

I’ll post a link when “2AG” appears online. Should be the end of May.