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three strikes

April 25, 2019

Wow! I’ve already received three rejections this week, and the week ain’t over.

It’s not as tough as I make out. One piece had been out for 11 months before I got the rejection, and it’s just as well since in that time I had substantially revised it; I wouldn’t have wanted it published as it was from back then.

Another was a long shot, and I don’t think the story was really finished anyway. I think the substance of it is there, but I’m still tinkering with it. So no hurt feelings here.

The third was for “MTWTF” that I’ve talked about here before. It’s a quirky story, which doesn’t really hurt its chances, I think, but it’s also a long story, which, in combination with quirk, I think does hurt its chances.

Still, onward!

But this reality of creative writing and submitting convinces me more and more that paying a fee to submit a story is not a cost-effective production model. (And as I think about it, I see plenty of cautions against submitting novel manuscripts to publishers who charge an up-front submission or reading fee. Invariably, they’re identified as scammers or at least places to avoid. Yet for journals, we’re supposed to be okay with that same thing?)

It only stings a little

February 20, 2008

Yesterday my email brought me two rejections from agents who had asked for partials on Finnegans Festive. One responded within two days of my query saying that she wasn’t looking for mystery fiction. Oddly, her web page says she is.

The other was the agent who had responded after five months to ask for sample chapters. He finally came back and said my novel wasn’t for him.

As I said before, I hate it when rejections travel in packs. I’ll get over it. I should immediately find a couple of other targets and send my query to them!

Update: I’ve already sent the query to two new agents.