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green and blue ~ Skywatch Friday

November 30, 2018

Two things about this photo. The first are the pine trees. I planted these in the only bit of good soil I have in my 80+ Ozark acres. They were little things then, only about a foot tall, not counting the root that was probably half that. In the dozen or so years since then, they grown more than thirty feet tall in some cases. I planted fifty of these in straight rows, and then got another fifty the next year to replace the ones that didn’t make it and to expand the area with more pines. They’re a qualified success, but I won’t consider them a complete success until they provide enuf shade to cause the blackberry brambles beneath them to wither and die away.

The other thing is the vapor trail you see in the sky. As recently as 75 years ago, this was something that had never before been seen in the sky. It’s a thoroughly modern phenomenon. And yet to us, it’s commonplace and unremarkable.

I do love the blue of the sky in the fall.

thankful blue ~ Skywatch Friday

November 23, 2018

Yesterday was the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S. It’s our harvest festival with a bit of national (sanitized) mythology thrown in. It being one of the two days in the week with decent weather, I found myself outside with a leaf rake in hand while the bird was being cooked inside. I paused in my work to look up at the unbroken arc of blue above me. The branches you see are from one of the two lindens at the curb before my house (and to the left is a maple). The lindens were the first to drop their leaves (for which I am thankful), followed by the maple and then the river birch. The beech still holds all of its leaves, so there is more raking in my future.

And today is Black Friday, the day of shopping insanity — people have literally been killed in the mayhem — when stores make enuf money to get their balance sheets in the black finally. (I read one commentator who said that our economy is not based on buying but on frenzied buying.) I don’t participate since I don’t want to be a consumer culture casualty. Traditionally Black Friday has been the day I visit my Ozark cabin, far from the madding crowd, where I can disdain the vulgar consumerism in rustic style. However, today is also one of the days this week that does not have decent weather; it will be cooler and rainy down at my little cabin, which is no fun. Instead we plan to go down to the cabin tomorrow when the temps will jump back into the 60s and the sky will once again look like the photo above.

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Missouri moon ~ Skywatch Friday

November 2, 2018

This photo is from last weekend when I was down at my little cabin in the Missouri Ozarks. I was actually standing in the bottom of the washed-out spillway beside my dam. (The crew is supposed to come today to begin the work of repairing the spillway.)

It was a perfect day to be in the woods, with the October blue sky overhead.

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blue skies over Washington ~ Skywatch Friday

September 21, 2018

I was in Seattle for a week, and it rained most of the time. (Everyone was grateful for the rain since it had been “dry” up there for so long. I guess my arrival brought the change in the weather.) I think it was Sunday when we had driven to my sister-in-law’s ranchette near Duvall to see her cattle and tiny house (rented as an overnight for guests). And while we there, the gray clouds scattered and left this impressive scene, looking east. That’s part of the ranchette in the foreground.

My wife is still up there and won’t return until next week, so I’m on pet sitting duty.

On one of my past visits to Seattle I managed to write an entire story (first draft) that eventually was published. I was hoping to do the same on this visit, but that didn’t happen. I tinkered with a couple of existing stories, and I made some notes for a new story (a fantasy piece involving a leprechaun, believe it or not), but that’s it.

before the rain ~ Skywatch Friday

September 7, 2018

A hot day turned cool early this week as a continuous string of rainy days arrived. We took the dogs to the park to walk around the lake and get their exercise. To the west dark clouds were massing, but the above is what we saw to the north during our walk.

Not long after we were in the truck and driving home, the sprinkles started, followed soon by heavy rain that’s only stopped intermittently all week. While this has interfered with my bike riding, it has gotten me in the proper frame of mind for traveling to Seattle in a couple of weeks.

heralds ~ Skywatch Friday

August 17, 2018

I took this photo (through a double-paned window) on Tuesday of this week, about mid-morning, looking west. These massing clouds were heralds of an afternoon rain that we sorely needed. And they seemed to be the first wave of rain storms or overcast days that came to us daily through the rest of the week (including during my bike ride, forcing me to shelter under a park pavilion along with forty or so female high school tennis players) and are forecasted into the weekend.

Skywatch Friday ~ blue green

June 14, 2018

While I was in New York for five days, the dogs were at “camp” and they’re always glad to come home afterward. I’m trying to get them back to their normal, but even though they’re in their familiar house with the familiar beds (and smells), I’m off at the office all day, so they’re home with only each other (and the four birds and the constantly changing parade of fish).

So yesterday, even though it was 93 degrees F (“F” is for Fahrenheit, though I could think of another word), I took them to the park we often visit for a trip around the lake. We only made it about a third of the way before the littler dog, Queequeg, was in obvious distress. So we turned around, did a little cross country, and then got back in the Prolechariot to head home to air conditioning and copious water.

On the quick hike back to the truck, I snapped the photo above. I liked the contrast of the blue sky and the green trees.