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“Velvet Elvis”

September 18, 2011

Last week was a tough one for me. In the lumbering course of seven days I had two story submissions rejected and one agent who had asked for a partial of my novel decide to decline it. But the weekend came, and with it came my far-flung son and daughter-in-law (they’re both doctors, don’t you know). So I took comfort in their company and opened my laptop in the small hours of Saturday morning to begin again my usual struggle with words.

And then I happened to check the spam bucket of my email.

My short story, “Velvet Elvis,” which I had written about just last week in this post, has been accepted for the December issue of Bartleby Snopes. In that earlier post I note that the story that had been rejected was already back in Submishmash for consideration; Bartleby Snopes was the targeted market.

The response came in only three days. I realize that magazine prides itself on its quick turnaround time, but I’m going to take the warm fuzzies of a swift acceptance anyway.

“Velvet Elvis” is one of my humorous stories. I think it is well crafted, coherent in its universe, and satisfying in its outcome. I set it in the world of the weekend art fairs — in one of the low-end weekend art fairs. It’s snarky, but its fun and not mean spirited (not much, anyway). I’m eager for you to read it.

So watch for news here when my story is published. I’ll make the usual hue and cry and put a link for it over in the sidebar.

And, of course, let me recommend Duotrope’s Digest to you if you’re not already familiar with it. I found the link for Bartleby Snopes and read some background about the publication there. It truly is a wonderful resource for writers. Throw some money their way.