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Roundrock reckoning

January 25, 2018

I keep a calendar on the wall of my little cabin and mark on it each time I make a visit. Then, in January, I switch it for the new calendar and take the old one home to do a reckoning of my visits. Here is how 2017 went down:

January – I started the new year off right by going down to the cabin on the first and staying the night, so that counted as two days of visits. But then I managed to go down on the twenty-first and stay the night again. Four days of visiting. Pretty good.

February – Sadly, I only made it down there one time, a Saturday, for a day visit. Not sure what was going on that month, though wicked weather seems the most likely explanation.

March – I managed a visit on Saturday, the fourth, and then went again on the 18th, staying the night. So I’m calling that three days of visits.

April – Two visits in April, but on successive Saturdays. (Not sure “successive Saturdays” is logically correct. Only one of them could be successive, right? Sequential, maybe?)

May – I made a day trip on Sunday, the seventh and then an overnight on Sunday and Monday, the 28th and 29th (Memorial Day).

June – One overnight visit, on the 10th and 11th, so two days of visiting. Seems like I should have gotten down there more.

July – This month gave me two visits. One on Saturday the eighth (a full moon, though I didn’t stay the night) and on the last Sunday of the month.

August – Just one trip, on Saturday the nineteenth. Miserably hot that month no doubt.

September – I had an overnight early in the month and then returned for a day trip near the end of the month. Fall is my favorite season in the woods.

October – Another two-visit month, first on the fourteenth and then on the 29th. Not sure why I didn’t manage an overnight.

November – Sadly, I didn’t make a trip at all this month. I remember I spent a long weekend in Kentucky then, and a week long trip to Seattle for Thanksgiving, so I guess I couldn’t find any chance to get to my woods.

December – The first weekend was an overnight trip (where I’m sure I burned something or other) and the second was on a Wednesday, which I recounted in this post.


So I think I told you that among my other afflictions, I have a mild case of synesthesia. I know what color each letter of the alphabet is, and I know the shape of most sounds. (Imagine seeing the music of a symphony!) My older brother has it too, but when we were comparing notes one day we realized that not everyone is like us.

Anyway, I colored the names of each month based on the colors they are in my mind (mostly based on the first letter). October is actually a white word, but that wouldn’t show up against the white background so I left it black. Curiously, I had also done this last year when I made my reckoning, and the colors turned out pretty consistent. Paul is a blue word, and Lamb is a white word, though that letter “m” in it makes it want to be red.

As afflictions go, it’s not so bad.


The photo above is of a round rock sitting in the negative space of another, larger round rock that I had pried from the ground. The smaller rock is about the size of a baseball, which makes the larger rock about the size of a basketball. I have it around here somewhere.