I’ve reached that point in my WIP where I’m now writing the penultimate chapter. It’s the big confrontation, the big reveal, and I’ve been imagining this scene and rehearsing the dialog for years. Now I’m there. It’s working out pretty much as I had imagined it, though the growth and evolution of the novel has taken a few of the details into other directions than I had first envisioned.

As you may recall from some of my earlier, anguished posts here, I’ve been working on two novels simultaneously, though work on Larger Than Life has fallen to the back burner as Finnegans Deciphered has taken up most of my imagination lately. (I don’t think there’s a mixed metaphor in that sentence.) That’s as it should be, I think. It’s probably not wise for most people to try to be doing two major undertakings that call on the same set of resources at the same time.

Anyway, Finnegans Deciphered is about to come to its first draft end. (Probably only a few more writing sessions to get the final, wrap-up chapter down.) Then I’ll let it sit and stew for a while. I have some short stories I need to give some love to. Then I’ll go back to the novel and shore up all of its weaknesses. I want to do more with the dialog, especially between the two main characters who are supposed to be married for more than 30 years (so they should have some verbal fluidity between themselves). There’s also something one of the characters is half-heartedly searching for that I need to straighten out. I think at one early point I have him giving up the search and then later have him still in the hunt. I probably need to fill out many scenes with more detail, look for ways to support the theme, and so forth. I play some games with character names in the novel too, and even as recently as this last weekend, I renamed another of my characters. I won’t be surprised if I find the need to do that again as I work through the rewrite.

I have no idea what the word count is of the novel, though I suspect it’s a little bit short of what would conventionally be defined as a novel. We’ll see, and then we’ll what we can do about that.

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  1. Annam Says:

    How exciting!

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