throwback Thursday ~ my journal journey

I haven’t made a post in this category in a while because I’ve been slacking in my journal journey. I think because I wasn’t finding what I wanted and was finding what I didn’t want, I lost some enthusiasm for the project.

I am through Journal #11 now and it’s mostly more of the same. But along with the many ideas for stories and novels, as well as the increasing entries for articles I was writing then, I also found more personal entries about my state of mind or my job (including job hunting).

My job in St. Louis (way back when) was dissolving because the company was taken over and being torn apart for assets. I found (and then recalled) that my job at the time I was writing in Journal #11 was also dissolving (because the company was being shut down by the government). Many of my entries then were about this and my thoughts on how to find my next job. I suppose the prospects may have been grim at the time because I was also recording my moods more frequently.

In addition, I was in grad school at the time. There are entries in there about interactions with my professors and instructors, including one who would later produce a video of mine about prairie fires that was shown on our local PBS station.

And my listing of books read continued on the back pages. I read through that list and I recall most of the books, though some have left no impression on me.

I’ll continue my journal journey, though it hasn’t proven itself very fruitful yet. Maybe some surprises will be coming.

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